Excellence in signage design, communication effectiveness and manufacturing quality is the result of an attitude, and its more than simply having access to the power of todays remarkable technology.

Its having the knowledge and experience to harness it to offer the most practical, aesthetically outstanding, cost-effective solutions to meet your objectives. Solutions driven by good design, visual appeal, brand awareness and performance.

Supported by investment in the best quality technology, materials, craftsmanship, training , consultancy and service. By a 100% new Zealand owned and operated company with working Directors.

Accordingly, we will respond by presenting you with nothing short of the best we can do.

Our Mission

Dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations.

We pride ourselves on our innovation and ability to service our clients wherever they may need us.

Our aim is to deliver the best solutions for our customers and potential customers signage needs. We believe our knowledge and expertise means that we are in the unique position of being able to provide the best possible service and products throughout the New Zealand.

To be the first point of contact when a customer is looking at their own customer facing signage and branding. To be the market leader in signage solutions.

A Short History.

Deneefe started in the Road Sign business in 1969, progressing into Health & Safety Signage in the 90’s.

As we entered into the 2000’s, Deneefe began providing groundbreaking digital print solutions and proprietary signage solutions to our corporate clients.

Corada has been producing nationwide architectural signage solutions since 1992.

With the acquisition of Corada in 2010, this has enhanced Deneefe’s offer and we are now one of New Zealand’s major signage producers.
By combining expertise developed over 50 years with our commitment to providing our customers with premium signage solutions we are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Trusted by these companies:

Meet the Team.

Jason Gribben

Director – General Manager

Paul Schicker

Director – Manufacturing / Projects Manager

Glenn Gallagher

Auckland Area Manager

Steve Parmenter

Senior Account Manager

Chris Gough

Account Manager