APPLICATIONS: 1. Medical centres, clinics and hospitals. 2. Commercial, public and private workplaces. Any place where people congregate.

ORDERING: Specify code number, wording on sign and size.
SA = self-adhesive

Related Data on: Fire Equipment No Smoking Emergency Exit

BUILDING WARRANT OF FITNESS: Many of these signs are mandatory under Section F8 of the Building Regulations 1992 to achieve Building Warrant of Fitness. Contact DC Sign Systems for current compliance information.

  • Turn Off Mobile Phones & Radio Trans- Medical

    MED9 PVC

    Turn Off Mobile Phones & Radio Trans- Medical

    460 x 200

  • Body Protected Electrical Area

    MED34 PVC

    Body Protected Electrical Area

    200 x 100

  • Cardiac Protected Electrical

    MED35 PVC

    Cardiac Protected Electrical

    200 x 100

  • X-rays Do not Enter

    MED48 PVC

    X-rays Do not Enter

    300 x 130

  • Toilet Staff Only Men (Green)

    MED41 PVC

    Toilet Staff Only Men (Green)

    160 x 80

  • Toilet Staff Only Ladies (Green)

    MED43 PVC

    Toilet Staff Only Ladies (Green)

    160 x 80

  • Toilet Staff Only Unisex (Green)

    MED47 PVC

    Toilet Staff Only Unisex (Green)

    200 x 80

  • Staff Only (Green)

    MED46 PVC

    Staff Only (Green)

    200 x 40

  • Toilet Men (Blue)

    MED40 PVC

    Toilet Men (Blue)

    120 x 120

  • Toilet Ladies (Blue)

    MED42 PVC

    Toilet Ladies (Blue)

    120 x 120

  • Toilet Unisex (Blue)

    MED44 PVC

    Toilet Unisex (Blue)

    160 x 120

  • Unisex Disabled (Blue)

    MED45 PVC

    Unisex Disabled (Blue)

    220 x 120